Parri and Jean

What could possibly be the link between Taiwan and Iran?

Cyclones ? No.

Scientific achievements ? Maybe.

Amazing women ? Yes !

Parri and Jean met a few years back in an ESOL class in Glenfield. It seems that ever since, they have worked as a tandem, and what a tandem they are !

Parri is fair-haired and holds herself like the noble Persian women probably did in ancient times. She dances like a queen and teaches us her moves. Noble and kind. She has a natural empathy, an ability to intuitively anderstand what newcomers need to feel better. And she laughs like there is no tomorrow. And so does Jean.

Jean has dark hair, she is small, agile, her eye glitter with intelligence. She sings beautifully and teaches us Mandarin songs. She has this natural ability to jump on opportunities and makes the best of any situation.

I have to say that Jean and Parri are priceless… I had to spend sometime in France recently to sort out family matters. Jean and Parri took upon themselves to run the Newcomers activities at the Albany House. Not only were they there, they were there fully. Giving their best attention to all those who came and as a result ‘those who came’, came back.

Parri and Jean are a true success story !