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Once known as Oteha, Albany was an important meeting place for Maori who lived in the area, or passed through travelling north/south or along Lucas Creek (known as Te Wharau). North of Auckland City, Albany is home to 30000 people, the centre of Albany includes a wide variety of retail, commercial, community, and recreation environments for the community.

The Albany Newcomers group has recently started & would love you to join them, please come & make some new friends!

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Our Coordinator: Naomi

Welcome to Albany Newcomers Network!

Albany and the Upper Harbour region is an amazingly diverse area with a great variety of facilities, parks, communities, and people. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

My name is Naomi Stewart, I am half Japanese and half European and am originally from Tauranga.

I graduated last year from a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at Massey University in Wellington, and have since moved to Auckland’s North Shore to work.

I love the outdoors, going to the beach, being active, and spending time with family and friends.

Because I grew up with 2 different cultures, I feel lucky to have experienced a diverse life so far. This has created a passion for celebrating diversity, and finding strength in the diversity of our community.

I’m am also really passionate about holistic wellbeing, and ways to improve quality of life to positively benefit healthy living. Especially for new migrants to the area.

Therefore, in this work I am hoping to create ideas and activities to act as a unifying tool in the community, creating engagement, meaningful bonds, and opportunities for self-development.

Being able to help create cohesion and empowerment within our new comers and diverse communities, is a privilege and I look forward to meeting you all!

Together we have a chance to shape Albany into the place we want it to be.


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