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Rolleston, where the Midland railway line to the West Coast leaves the main trunk line! Due to its rapid development as a satellite town of Christchurch, it is a vibrant and exciting community – sections here now have a considerably higher value than the £3 per acre for which they were sold in 1850! Rolleston’s nearness to Christchurch allows residents to enjoy a well-serviced village lifestyle, close to the city.

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Coordinator - Joyce

Joyce  - Rolleston Newcomers Network

I am Joyce and live in Rolleston – 20kms from Christchurch. Selwyn Newcomers has been going for 4+years. I have been in since the beginning. After 30 years teaching, helping with 4 grandchildren,  and needing some community work to do , we organised Newcomers through the local medical centre.  We now have a regular newsletter that goes out by email to over 100 members. We try to vary the activities but have regular morning teas where folk can meet. We want folk to feel welcome in their new home.

We have chosen our own name “Rolleston Community Network” to include folk who may not be actual newcomers.

Recently a group in West Melton, and Darfield have also started up, and they also come under the Selwyn Newcomers Network umbrella.

Rolleston Community Network

Welcome to the Selwyn District and to the Rolleston Community Network. Part of the national Newcomers Network, the Rolleston Community Network was started about four years ago to address a vital need for people new to the area to meet up informally and have a cuppa and a chat.

The Network is an informal social group, and free to join. Whilst initially aimed at new arrivals to the area, everyone is welcome, whether you’re a long term Rolleston resident, from another part of New Zealand, or a migrant from across the seas!

Regular events include coffee groups, guest speakers, lunches, dinners, garden visits, book groups, movie nights, quiz evenings and many more. Over the years, members have come along and joined the group and have shared in many different social activities.

The coffee mornings are held twice a month. Sometimes these are held in a cafe, or hosted in one of the members’ houses. From time to time, we meet at the Community Centre, and a guest speaker is invited to give a presentation. Recent topics have included the geology behind the earthquakes, Citizens Advice, Consumers Rights, and the new Aquatic Centre. These coffee mornings are usually held during the week, so are great for those not who are not at work, mums with pre-school children and retirees.

We also organise group meals. They’re a great way for those of us who work fulltime to get out and meet people away from work. We visit different restaurants which cater for a variety of tastes.

The Rolleston Community Network members form a cosmopolitan mix. This multinational blend lends itself to some very interesting conversations, ideas and experiences. As quite a few of us have relocated from across the world we really know what it is like to arrive in a new country, a new town and not know a soul, where to shop, or where to find the local doctor.

Whilst many migrants begin to form friendships through work, it’s not uncommon for the rest of the family to feel a little isolated. If that sounds like you, please get in touch and join the Rolleston Community Network! We’ll offer you the opportunity to meet other newcomers and not-so-newcomers, to share ideas and experiences and to start new friendships. And as we have been around for a while we can let you know about other interest groups within Rolleston, or you might like to start a particular one of your own. So come along, join us, we want you to feel at home here and settle well into your new life.

The group is run by a small committee of volunteers, headed up by the co-ordinator, Joyce Davey. Joyce is a long-term Selwyn resident, and moved to Rolleston about five years ago. She is involved in numerous community groups in Rolleston.

Recently, we changed the name from Selwyn Newcomers to Rolleston Community Network as there was a perception that if you weren’t new in town you couldn’t come along. And, as some of our members have lived in Rolleston for many years we thought a new name would more accurately reflect what we do.

So please drop us a line or give us a call, and come along to our events… we’re looking forward to meeting you!”

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