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Whanganui – the River City – prides itself on welcoming newcomers. Our city is one of New Zealand’s first accredited Welcoming Communities and is rich in history, arts and culture, and the natural environment.

The Whanganui Newcomer Network was established after the Whanganui Welcoming Communities Advisory Group recognised the need to enhance newcomer experiences to our district.

Our goal is to support newcomers so they can enjoy all that Whanganui has to offer.


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Our Coordinator: Katy Newton


My name is Katy and I co-ordinate Whanganui District Council’s Welcoming Communities programme.

I’m Whanganui-born and raised and have been fortunate to travel to and work in more than 25 countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America and Australasia (plus Antarctica!). I’ve now returned to my home town to raise my family.

Welcome to Whanganui – I look forward to helping you settle into your new life in your new home!

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c/- Whanganui District Council
100 Guyton St
Whanganui 4500


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