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Lower Hutt/Hutt City is the second largest city in the Wellington region and borders onto the capital city Wellington. It was the first place settled in the Wellington region – the first European settlers arrived on Petone Beach in 1839.

Today, Petone is the Hutt City’s seaside restaurant and cafe centre and is dotted with heritage buildings and antique shops. Another Hutt City cultural gem is the Dowse Art Museum, which features eloquent ever changing exhibitions of New Zealand and international art, craft and design.

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Our Coordinator: Rizza Mia Dulay


My name is Rizza Mia but you can call me Mia. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I was lucky enough to have lived in two of our country’s loved cities. I stayed in the province of Ilocos Sur for the entire duration of my grade school and high school then moved to Manila for my university status.

Late October of year 2015, my parents decided to take me and my brother with them here in New Zealand. So far my stay here has been nothing but splendid. I love how peaceful NZ can be and all those sweet delicacies it offers for my sweet tooth.

We are currently staying in Lower Hutt which can be a 30 minutes drive to Wellington (depending on the traffic). It’s an exciting place to live in with all the activities from various organizations and/or businesses it gives. It keeps my adrenaline running.

I have always considered myself as curious which resulted to me volunteering and joining certain organizations like Filifest, a group of filipinos spreading the joy and knowledge of Filipino Folk dances and the Multicultural Council of Lower Hutt.

I love to give as much help as I can that’s why I decided to give a hand to Multicultural Council Lower Hutt by running the Newcomers Network (with the help and guidance of the council).

New Zealand has welcomed me with loving arms and now it’s my time to give back by not only enjoying what it offers me but mostly through welcoming others too who would like to be a part of such great country. Treating each and every one as part of a very large family/whanau would be our main goal in reaching our dream of making New Zealand a diversified country.

I know how it is setting foot to an unknown country, so here I am as best friend, welcome! Let’s discover New Zealand together and make it the most of our friendship.

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Mobile: 022 620 2420

c/- Hutt Multicultural Council
Level 1, Room 4
Russell Keown Bldg
Knights Rd
Lower Hutt


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