Events and Activities

We are all trying to help prevent the spread of Covid19 so our activities and events will be on hold for a while.

Due to Covid19 our activities and events will be suspended for the time being.

You can still join our Networks through 'Join Us' - and we will connect by way of email. That way we can add you to the mailing list, so we can keep you updated when activities will start again.

In the meantime, take good care, avoid close contact with others, especially with the elderly, wash your hands well and often and be kind to yourself and others.

Dance, Walk, Bike or just go for Coffee

Below are the many & varied events scheduled by Newcomers Networks around New Zealand, you are sure to find something that suits you!

Typical events

  • event-icon-coffee

    Coffee Groups

    Lots of different outdoor activities & sports, these can include, yoga, gardening, badminton and tennis.Join one of our regular groups for coffee and conversation with other newcomers.

  • event-icon-exercise


    Lots of different outdoor activities & sports, these can include, yoga, gardening, badminton and tennis.

  • event-icon-drinks


    Come out with us for a few drinks and get to know new people.

  • event-icon-meals


    Many of our groups love to share meals including pot luck dinners and restaurant meals.

  • event-icon-quiz-night

    Quiz Night

    Want to try you hand at general knowledge and have some fun.

  • event-icon-entertainment


    These vary from movie nights, quiz nights & concerts, one of our groups has formed a ukelele band.

  • event-icon-children

    Kids Stuff

    These can include playgroups and picnics.

  • event-icon-sewing-knitting

    Sewing & Knitting

    Join a sewing or knitting or craft group

  • event-icon-meetings


    Newcomers meetings, a chance for you to get involved, new migrant information meetings, fundraising events and disaster preparation workshops

  • Iconic fern

    Community Events

    Our groups often attend community events together, they can include cultural events and multi ethnic celebrations.

  • event-icon-swimming


    Some of our groups have women’s only swimming sessions, or it might be a fun swimming group.

  • event-icon-walking


    Join a walking group and get to know the area while you make new friends.

  • event-icon-bbq

    BBQ & Picnics

    A popular activity with many of our newcomers groups. It usually means bring your own food & drink, if it’s a barbeque you would usually bring food that can be cooked on the barbeque.

  • event-icon-cooking


    Sharing cooking & recipes from different countries is a very popular way to meet new people

  • event-icon-theatre


    Come to the theatre with us.

  • event-icon-arts-crafts


    These vary depending on your region but may include pottery, art & craft.

  • event-icon-books


    Reading groups, book groups and library activities.