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Due to Covid19 our activities and events will be suspended for the time being.

You can still join our Networks through 'Join Us' - and we will connect by way of email. That way we can add you to the mailing list, so we can keep you updated when activities will start again.

In the meantime, take good care, avoid close contact with others, especially with the elderly, wash your hands well and often and be kind to yourself and others.


Register for free and get to know people in your new community.

Find people to socialise with, try new skills, sports or just enjoy a coffee with other newcomers. We know how it feels being new in a community.


If there isn’t a group in your town, why not start one?
Just send us an email & we’ll help.

What people say

"Nelson Newcomers has exceeded our expectations, it's an excellent initiative. One of the best things to do after moving to another part of the country or to a new country is to join a group like this."

“Everyone is so welcoming and kind to us. We got some advice, found a kindergarten for our boy, it helps me improve my English, it’s so fine!”

"It is nice to meet new people and do a bit of socialising instead of job and house hunting. It is a brilliant idea and I am still interested in the activities.”